A letter for Christopher’s Mother

*this was something we had to write in English. We had to use our class novel. The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime.

Christopher John Francis Boone

36 Randolph Street





Mrs Judy Boone

Flat 1

312 Lausanne Road

London N8



Dear Mum,

It has been approximately 2 months,3 weeks and 5 days since I decided to write a murder mystery novel about Wellington, Mrs shears Poodle. In school Siobhan suggested that I should write a story, most stories are fictional which means that they are not true but I find the concept hard because how are you supposed to write about a something that is not true. If so that means I could write about how cats can fly. Because I found the concept hard I choose to write about the murder of Wellington. Because I wanted this story to be true. I became a detective. I was the one who found Mrs shear’s dog. It was lying in her back garden with a garden fork right through it. Mrs Shears thought I killed her dog because I was the first person she saw and I saw her dead dog before her. So, she called the police. The policeman started asking me questions. But there were too many questions coming to my head for me to comprehend. So, I just lay on the grass with my hands over my ears. The grass was moist because it had rained the night before. After that, the policeman came. Put his hands on me. I don’t like it when people put their hands on me. So, I punched him. That was when I forced into the police station. I like policemen because they make me feel safe and they enforce the law. Luckily dad got me out without any hiccups. (that is metaphor because I didn’t literally hiccup it means “no problems”)

Because of this novel I have interviewing the neighbours. I met Mrs Alexander she was too nice. She tried doing the chatty thing with me and then I walked away because I don’t like the chatty thing. She talked about how you and Mr Shears were really really good friends. Like you would go to each other’s house for adult cuddling. Is that the reason why you left dad? If so why didn’t you chose to marry Mr Shears instead of Dad so then we wouldn’t be here in the first.  I think therefore Dad killed Wellington. Mrs Shear’s Dog. Putting two and two together (another metaphor which means that I am using the relevant facts) that Mrs Shears was married to Mr Shears. This means you were having an affair. But it doesn’t matter because you said you were happier with “Roger”. And I like living with dad.

Also, you asked me if I still love maths. I still do. Soon I will be doing my Maths A-level. No-one in my school has ever done that. Dad had to pay Rev Peters £50 to be an invigilator in the exam. My headteacher said she would rather me not do it. But dad could get her to allow me to do it.

Because dad killed Wellington and he told me when I found the letters you write me. Which made me feel sick because dad had told me that you have died of a heart attack in hospital. Not that you had left us for Mr Shears. So, I am at the bottom of the garden with Toby my pet Rat and my box of special treats. And I currently times 2 by 2 as many times as I can. I up to 2 to the power of 25. What’s the answer to that mum?

I have been approximately at the bottom of the garden. In the space at the back of the shed for 2 hours 3 minutes and 50 seconds and counting.

Mum, I have a few questions to ask you.

  • Why did you leave Dad for Mr Shears/Roger?
  • What does your new job involve?
  • Were you really sick?


All the best,

Christopher John Francis Boone


(I am not adding kisses because the thought makes me sick that is why I am adding 3)

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