Blogmas Day 1

Blogmas day 1

Hi Liars,

It’s that time of the year. 25 days before Christmas. Last, I did 25 days of 4teen (blogmas), this year I am going to do it again and try and keep it as Christmas themed as possible. Also, I am going to making a Christmas playlist on my Spotify. Also, keep up on my Tumblr because a lot of Christmas stuff will be happening there.

To kick day 1 one of why I don’t talk about nails.

I have been growing my nails since year 7. I have been cutting them shaping them. I went from oval to in summer a straight shape. On my thumb, I had a growth of 1cm now that might seem small but in nail terms that is extremely long. But I cut them now to 0.5cm before school because PE and the rush of school will just break them. Moreover, I put a top coat on them every morning to keep them strong.

My favourite colours for Christmas is red. All shades of red. Blood red, red, cherry red. Also, I like anything with a shimmer in it. Furthermore gold, silver. I also like blue at Christmas time more of a dark sea blue. But I always put a white base on so the colour pops. And before any, I put any nail polish on I always prep my nails. I wash my hands then I file them. After that I wash my hands with soap I use toothpaste to clean my nails and it whitens them. After that, I buff them to make them extra smooth. Then finally I wash my hands to get everything off.

When painting my hands I rub the bottle in my hands to get rid off any bubbles.I normally put two layers on to get a nice coat.

I guess I lost the Christmas theme halfway through but hopefully, you enjoyed reading it. If you have any suggestions leave them down below or on my Tumblr @4teenliars.



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