Blogmas Day 2

Hello Liars,

Its day 2 we have 23 days until Christmas. As you should I am a crafter. I go through various stages. Sometimes, I am really into sewing or knitting. Now I am really into art especially watercolour and my best crochet. Last Christmas, I made a green Christmas tree garland. But this year I wanted to crochet more. So, today’s topic is the Christmas craft projects

  • A stocking
  • A wreath
  • A Christmas hat
  • A mini Christmas trees
  • Watercolour cards

The old problem is I have run out of green yarn. I only have a green flurry yarn which is not really made for projects like this. But I am still going to try them out. I normal search Charity shops for my yarn. I do not remember the last time I bought yarn for an online store. I get all my yarn from charity shops. First, because I am paying literally nothing for them also because I get loads of different types and massive yarn balls. But sometimes I will go through stages when I don’t have certain colours or enough yarn for big projects. At the moment I have little black and white. So I think I might have to pay a little more for some but still.

With my watercolour cards, my mum got me some plain cards so my friends birthdays I make them cards. In my opinion, it adds a little more to gift. It shows that you spent an extra amount on the gift, so it really came from the heart.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this, sometime this week I will share my Christmas tree.



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