Blogmas Day 3

Hi liars,

Today I am going to talk about what my school is doing for Christmas. I go to a church of England school, so Christmas is not about just getting gifts it is also about giving. So, during Christmas, we do a lot of charity events.

The only that everyone looks forward to is no uniform day because we only have one a year. We bring in £2 each. My school is supersized, which means that it is probably double or more the size of a regular size secondary school. Everyone must bring £2 or you can’t wear your home clothes. So, a lot of money is raised from this event.

Another thing we have is the talent show. It is full of cringe and funny acts. Moreover, it is fun to watch. During the talent show there is a raffle and it is a raffle where your faces come up on the screen. The prizes tend to vouchers and football tickets for our local team. In year 7, I won a voucher for maccies.

Also, we have either a film period or play games in the sports hall. I always pick film period because I strongly hate sports. All these events are done on the non-uniform day. Which is half day, so we have no lessons and we are in school for half the time.

We have the advent challenge. This involves bring tins of food etc for the food bank. Creating a shoe box full of gifts for the operation Christmas charity. This year we are doing a hamper. As forms you fill hamper with gifts and you give to someone in the local area.

We also have a church service which is self-explanatory.

Well that is what my school do in the Christmas




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