Blogmas Day 5

Hi liars,

It is day 5,20 days before Christmas. I don’t know if you all have seen my monthly playlist but if you have you will notice that I have been listening to K-pop. You will probably know if you follow my Tumblr but yeah, I looooove K-pop. My favourite band is EXO. Through this, I have made some awesome internet friends. When it is Christmas many people start to listen to Christmas themed songs. Lucky for me EXO have a Christmas album. So today’s post is on the album.

The songs on this album are in Korean because it is K-pop. They have a Chinese version but I cover_copy-6657like the Korean one the best the songs on the album are:

01. 12월의 기적 (Miracles In December)

02. Christmas Day

03. The Star

04. My Turn To Cry

05. 첫 눈

06. 12월의 기적 (Classical Orchestra ver.)

My favourite one is the second because it is upbeat. Then my other favourite is number 4. Which is a slow song and use more of Soho voice.The only problem with this album is all the old exo members are on it, which makes it sad.But it is a nice selection of songs for a Christmas album. I currently writing about this in my k-pop diary and also on the school laptop and i can see an eye looking at me but oh well.

Anyway I know it’s short but I had to write it in school and library is about to close. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and go listen to the album yourself.



One thought on “Blogmas Day 5

  1. sosobooks100 says:

    I LOVE K-Pop. Have you checked out Sia’s new album? It is Christmas themed COMPLETELY and I’m liking it so far. Also, Taylor Swift’s Reputation is going to be blasting all December long in my house. I’m #obsessed.


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