Blogmas day 6

Hello liars,

Today is day 6. 19 days till Christmas. Who has the Christmas decorations up? I do, I have my fake Christmas tree up and my stockings. Like yesterday I am writing this in the school library and I have 15 mins to write it and post it on my blog. I am spending the weekend doing my graphics. Yesterday I spoke about my favourite k-pop band’s Christmas album. Today I am talking about my Christmas concerts.

As many of you know I play the oboe and saxphone;I am in the school junior choir, I am more like a mascot because I have been in it for 3 years. When you are in ensemble Christmas music starts for September with all the Halloween music. So, we are playing jingle bells all the way to the start of December. Because the concerts tend to be at the start of December. This year I had 2 big and 1 mini. I have already done my 2 big ones. They were the School Christmas concert and then my music centre’s intermediate concert. They both performed at schools.

At my school concert I performed with choir and the school ensemble. In choir we sang half the world away by oasis, Be our Guest from beauty and the beast and carols of the children. In the school ensemble we did hall of the mountain king and intermezzo -carmen. They both quite well. My school concert ran over as it always does. It was full of solos and duets. I think it wasn’t as good as last year, but it was still up to standard.

At my music centre’s concert, I performed in three ensembles. Wind (big) , Wind ensemble and orchestra. In wind (big) we performed a few soundtracks from pirates of the Caribbean and corpses bride and swinging holiday. I have 5 mins left. In Wind ensemble we performed convert carol and here comes Santa clause. In orchestra we did troika form home alone and some latin Christmas pieces. At the performance I really needed a wee and I have sweaty bum. And the oboes were out of tune but I rescued the day by playing louder.

All in all I think my favourite would have to be the music center because I have a nice time there than school because we all have one thing in common music. But the school concert was good.

Anyway we are being to leave so,



2 thoughts on “Blogmas day 6

  1. sosobooks100 says:

    I play in concerts as well with my school’s band! I play the cello and the piano. It’s super fun, and I continue studying music at home, but I really don’t like my teachers at school. This year we had to choose between three artistic activities: art, music, and drama, and next year we would only do the one we chose.
    I chose drama, even though I like and am pretty good at all three. But I still study piano at my house!! Christmas music and ballads are the best to play. I’m having tons of fun right now playing them!!! ❤

    Here's my Blogmas post for Day 6:

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