Blogmas day 7/8

Day 8,

day 8
Hi, guys, it’s day 8 sorry I missed out day 7.Today’s post is going to be short but it is still worth it. But I am in urgent need for ideas so below comment ideas. And you will get a Shoutout. Also, I am spending the weekend prewriting everything because I don’t break up until next week. So I have 14 posts.

2 thoughts on “Blogmas day 7/8

  1. Books Like Wolves says:

    Don’t worry! I hope you are able to pre-write everything this weekend. Maybe you could do a post matching Christmas foods with books that fit together. Like cookies could match up with Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Lemon Tarts with Katherine from Heartless by Marissa Meyer, and then include a recipe of your own, favorite Christmas dish! The same could be done by matching CHRISTMAS SONGS to characters/books! Seasonal or Wintery tags are a great option as well. There are some fantastic ones like ‘Tis The Season or Winter Wonderland Book tag!
    I hope these ideas are useful! ❤


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