Blogmas Day 9

Hello liars,

It is day 9. Today I am going to do some more bookish things. I was in my school library the other day and I was searching for a new book to read. And I discovered John Green. John Green has a lot hyped books that I was not sure to read or not. I have read the fault in our stars, it lived up to the hype. He also has a lot of books perfect for winter / Christmas, so I am going to spend my Christmas holidays reading his books. I am currently read Looking for Alaska, so I am trying to get a few out the way because we are only allowed to borrow 3 books. So I am speed reading that book. If anyone wants to buddy ready looking for Alaska let me know and I will add, you to my kakohot talk.

This is the list I am going to be reading

Looking for Alaska

Paper Towns

Let it snow

Abundance of Katherines

Turtles all the way down

I think it is a nice amount I probably will not read all the list, but it is nice to know I tried. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this post.



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