Blogmas day 18

Hello Liars,

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I don’t know if you know but a member of SHINee has died. I currently don’t have any wallpapers of SHINee. But for a tribute to the member, i was going to do some.

here are some links to articles.

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Jonghyun of Korean Pop Group SHINee Dies at 27

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If I am honest this a shock, I probably would have not heard the news till later but people in my kakoa chat group were talking about it. I was in the car and I don’t have a lot of data so I waited till I got home. I have some many articles. BBC, the guardian. I am really shocked because it was Shinee’s music that got me into k-pop. And now for a member to die of a potential suicide, it is quite upsetting. I look to many k-pop idols and if this is how many feel they need to tell someone. Also, you hear the hunger-games environment the k-pop industry is like. Trainee stages. You have the Chinese members of EXO leaving, kris and Tao and trying to sue the company. Lay is basically left out of EXO. Yes, I know his dream is to be solo but the comeback for ko ko pop he was not in it or power. In my opinion, i think there need to be stricter rules on the companies because treating members unfairly, making them do what you want. Is not what music is. I think the death of Jonghyun is showing the results of this harsh environment. But because of this environment, we enjoy their music so much better. They have good music, good merch good concerts. But is it all worth to be a k-pop star to be part of EXO-L. Is it worth it to invest money in companies that treat your favourite band members horribly?  HOW CAN WE MAKE A STAND?

stop buying the merch and concert so regularly. They still get money from us listening to the songs. But if we also show frustration the company will have to do something or who will make money.

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