Blogmas day 21

Hello Liars,

Today I come to you with a tag. It was originally in French but I gave it a quick skim and it had some lovely questions. I have translated it for you because Google translates word for word instead of the sentence. Anyone who does language will understand me. But here is the tag.

  1. Let it Snow – A book whose story takes place in winter? Catching Fire the second book in the hunger games trilogy.
  2. The Christmas Song – Your favourite Christmas story? I don’t, I never actually read a Christmas book watch many movies.
  3. Silent Night – Your favourite classic tone? Hedi or black beauty when I was younger I had it on a CD and that’s how I got to sleep by listening to the stories by ladybird
  4. Baby’s Cold Outside – Your Favorite Couple and Romance? All the Bright Places – Theo and Violet Markey
  5. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Your favourite Christmas tradition? Putting my presents under the Christmas tree and spending the day watching Christmas films
  6. All I Want for Christmas – Which book would you like to see under your tree? The sun is also a star. Do I need to say anymore?
  7. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – What character would be at the top of the list of villains, and the one on the list of gentiles? Top of my Villains would be Betty Glengarry from Wolf Hollow and for the gentiles Toby and Annabella from Wolf Hollow

Hopefully, you enjoyed that. I cut a few questions at the end because I thought the tag was better suited like this. Anyway, I tag anyone who studies French or is French or can speak French to do this tag. Leave your tags in the comments below.



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