I have 3 pen pals

Hello Liars,

I know it has been long, but I was taking a break to build up my Tumblr blogs since they were falling behind. Surely my handwritten reviews make up for the posts I should be posting. Anyway as many of you know my Tumblr accounts are fan accounts. One for kpop wallpapers, the other everything I like. I am a massive kpop fan I love everything about it. I have my real friends for going out and talking about everything. But then I have my internet friends for talking kpop fangirling together. If you are kpop fan I think you will be familiar with the app Kakoatalk. A lot of the idols have it and a lot of kpop fans have it. I have a chat just girls for a year and a bit. And I wanted a kpop pen pal. So first I asked the group chat and one of the girls said she would love to be my pen pal. She lives in America and I had received many packages from there so i was fine. The other two I found on twitter and they are from Canada. I have received two letters one form my America and one from my Canadian. I am going to send the two Canadian letters this week.  Remeber pen paling is just about getting goodies. It is about writing a good letter. Make it worth the weight. In my pen pals letters, i wrote a very long letter. I added stickers and photo cards. A perfume swatch. A playlist of songs and movies. Some questions, magazine cutouts. A bookmark. A zine. Washi tape samples. I also decorated the envelope.  I know it is going to take a least a month for my letters to get to them so I wanted to make it worth the wait.  I would totally recommend getting a pen pal but for the safety talk to them for a bit – a month or two or a school holiday. Stick to someone in your generations so if your 14 like me I would recommend 13-18.  For me, my school has 18 year-olds so I am used to talking to older kids. Also, stick to your gender and have a number you stick to. If you want 3 pen pals just look for 3 pen pals. Make sure you have things in common. I would not look for a pen pal Tumblr because I still didn’t  get any offers to be my pen pal. I would recommend Twitter and Instagram. If you a Youtuber there is a great pen pal community on there. SO you could become friends with the kpop Youtubers. I am working on making the Tumblr kpop community more connected but you could join a network because that is what I have done. Also, get involved in things like secret valentine or secret Santa. I organised one for my group last year and we had email and physical letter and everyone enjoyed it. I have also just done secret valentine and again we did some email and physical letter. I did the pairing up of people. For email, it wasn’t that hard I just age. For the letter, I thought of age and location. People who wanted a letter sent me their address and then I would pass it on to the person I had chosen for them.

I hope you enjoyed today’s posts. I have an author interview coming soon. And a Book tour.,so keep your eyes out for that




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