Life Update

Hi liars,

its been too long. I have been so busy. I have had loads of music stuff and school. I have also been completing my bronze DofE and I will be going on the expedition soon. I am looking forward to that. Also I have stopped using Goodreads. If I honest I have never really loved Goodreads. I feel like the website is very old. Even the face of it isn’t that aesthetically pleasing. Also, I have kinda had a reading fart. I am not reading at my usual speed. But with a reading fart, I have just had a massive art spirit summon me. As you know I am in kpop and through that, I made pen pals. Well, now I have 5 penpals I dropped my American one. She really didn’t put effort into her letter for me which annoyed me. Now I am in a UK pen pal circle. So it is 4 of us and we write letters to each other. It is four girls the oldest being 21. I think three of us are from the north and one is from the south. I really like having pen pals. I also have two Canadians. They are both so sweet both of them are 18. I love pen paling. You can really see everyone’s personality through how they put things together. The best is the different handwriting. Some people’s handwriting is easy to read others. Some peoples are really fancy others not so much. If you don’t do anything serious you can do exchanges where just send each other gifts and letter once. I will do a post on pen paling. I have also been into my drama as well. There is a new one called Blade Man that is shown on youtube On KBS World TV with many subtitles. It only has 18 episodes so it is quite short compared to other Kdramas. One of the actors in it is Lee Dongwook. He is extremely handsome. The show is a like a bittersweet love story with a lot of family problems and family pride. It’s very good. It also has a lot of comedy in it. My favourite is Mr Ko and Sedong’s little crew. I highly recommend it.

Also in school, I had my last set of jabs/ vaccinations this was for poloi etc. I am really grateful for my jabs because there are many people who don’t get them and die for little things that can be stopped by jabs. So even if it hurts to take it and think of the kids that will be exposed to the things you will not be. Make sure you say thank you to nurses because I bet they also don’t like putting you in pain. Also don’t be a drama queen. Yes, they hurt but do they hurt that much. Dear Drama queens without a fear of needles you put many people of there jabs so try not to just think about yourself when you have to have your jabs. I don’t like needles. I refuse to have a blood test and hate going to the doctor. All I do is look away and tell myself to be grateful. This time around I had two jabs I had them one in each arm to spread the after pain. I looked away both times and I am still here.

Last update,. I got a new phone an iPhone 6. Before I had an iPhone 5 and I had it for 3-4 years. And the only reason why I had the screen repaired was that by best mate dropped it in the swimming pool. Smashing the whole screen and I couldn’t do anything about. My iPhone 6 was passed down to me from my auntie in America who also passed down to me my iPhone 5. My iPhone 6 is in space grey. It has no scratches except on the side. From Poundland, I bought a screen protector. I currently waiting to go into town to buy myself a new case. This iPhone 6 has to last me to 6th form. So I really want to protect it to the best I can.

Sorry liars, I haven’t been as active. I plan to do more post like this where I do live updates. Also with my new phone, the picture quality will be better so I am happy about that. Also if there are any French people looking for an english speaking pen pal. I would love to be. Just contact me on my twitter @00sTeen or @4teenliars or email me.

xoxo 4teen

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