10 things i hate about you


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Hi Liars,

You know its the holidays when I am blogging. I have a week off and like i say every time i am going to try and do 2 posts.

So i spent my saturday night, searching my pinterst for 90s movies i haven’t watched. And i came across 10 things i hate about you.  The cast look so good looking and it seemed like a movie i would and should watch.

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So i searched youtube because i wasn’t using my legs to go downstaries and search netflix or amazon prime for it. So i searched youtube and obviously i found it. It wasn’t the best quality but it adds to the 90s vibe. I hate my blanket round me and my milkshake. I spent the whole gussing, saying ” dear future boyfreind be like him” , “where is my connor?” ” Why do i not go to a high school like that” “why i am not more like that” “found my movie twin”

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The movie is really good. I loved it and i watched it twice on the same day. I would tell what it is about but then it ruin your experience. But the fashion in this movie is a one. They look so good. It is really funny, definetly a movie that you watch with your bestmates. The soundtrack is also good. It  has one of my favourite 90s bands letters to cleo. After watching the movie I would go listen to the soundtrack on spotify;because it is so good.

if you watch the movie let me know. Also my tumblr account is terminated for some reason and i don’t know when i will be getting it back. So please don’t message me on there just message me on my twitter for the time been.


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