I made a mixtape

Hello Liars,

I have completed most of summer bucket list and one of them was to make a mixtape.

Recently someone gave me a pink poloriad CD player which is the cutest thing.I have made four mixtapes

I love the process of making my CD.Each one is different and has it’s purpose.

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Anyway here are my mixtapes

this is my first one. One this I have duplicates, and not all of my favourite songs are one here but it’s a mix of kpop and indie and soundtracks.

this was my second mix tape and this is inspired by perks of a wallflower which is one of my films I made a cover the CD and even a track list

this is my third mixtape and you can see the CD is inside which I think is perfect because it’s less likely to scratch. This Cd is a ray of female bands.

this is the lovely CD player that someone gave me in church. I love it with all my heart and can’t be anymore thankful

•Have you made a mixtape recently?If so what is it like?

Anyway have a good summer



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