Hello Liars,

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It is the eve before I turn 5teen. I completed the bucket list a few days ago, it kept me very busy and get my mind off the school year coming. Yesterday our timetables came out and my friends are only in my maths. Which for me, it means either I am going to have new friends or be a loner. Which that will be decided for me by the people in the classes. My mum said there will be someone like me, hopefully, there will be.

I am going to doing all the subjects I will be doing for GSCE for the second year because I started all of them except triple science and English. Furthermore, I spent this summer learning some of the English poems anyway and I really like some of the poems like London by William Blake and Remains by Simon Armitage. This summer I tried to enjoy it because I know that all of my holidays I am going to be revising until the end of the GSCE. I read alot of tips for school and studying from youtube and the student room. Something to mention is that if you are going to do GSCE get a student room account because every time I have anxiety about GSCEs I go into forums and just read what people are thinking and feeling and it calms me down a lot. Also, I bought some new stationary and sorted out my pencil case. I mainly bought black gel pens in 0.5/0.38 because in year 9 I tried a lot of pens. I found that using ballpoint and gel pens are the best for me. I didn’t buy any highlights or coloured pens because they haven’t run out yet.

This summer I have also watched a lot of studio ghibli movies and listened to alot of the soundtracks. Which is the most calming and aesthetic pleasing thing to do. Studio Ghibli was some of the animations I grew up on and still grow up on. If everyone watched Princess Mononoke global warming wouldn’t be a problem. I also recently watched Your name which came up when I typed studio ghibli in amazon prime video. Which if you don’t have because it is better for movies than Netflix in my opinion. Anyway I don’t your name is produced by Studio Ghibli but it still a good film. It’s a film that makes you think and it doesn’t tell why the characters are like that you have to figure out that. It is an interesting movie and I would highly recommend it.

I know this post is really random but I just thought I should post this on my blog

I got a new tumblr account. I have linked them all now in the social bars on the side. Feel free to message me.



sorry for the randomness.

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