Indie Playlist 2.0

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Hi liars,

Recently I finished making my indie playlist 2.0. A few posts ago I posted my indie playlist, which was alot of songs from that playlist. Each playlist consists of 100 songs indie tunes. I like to separate my indie tunes from my kpop, Jazz, Classical tunes. So now I am making my Indie Playlist 2.1. If you want to see the whole playlist I would recommend following me on Spotify @septbaby1. Also, I am slowing getting into SoundCloud, which if you are a musician I think SoundCloud is a great way to appreciate smaller artists. Also, there are more indie tunes on there.

Here is the Spotify playlist link:



High Sunn releases 'Hopeless Romantic' EP - The Bay ...Clint Eastwood-Gorillaz

Those last words-High Sunn

Let Down- Radiohead

No Surprises-Radiohead

Idle Town-Conan GrayGlass Butter Beach – PALE WAVES

Know You Now- Amy Winehouse

The man that I am-Youth Club

Dreams Tonite-Alvvays


Kiss-Pale Waves

Eighteen-Pale Waves

Holding Hands-High Sunn


Wallows | Dylan Minnette | PinterestSmall Talks-Lizza Anne

Show me how-Men I trust

Lets Dance to Joy Division- The Wombats

These Days- Wallows

How was it-High sunnPobierz Teraz Clairo – Pretty Girl Mp3 – Pobierz MP3

Cooks-Still Woozy

Give yourself a try-The 1975

Television Romance- Pale Waves



This is just a very small portion of my playlist. I have linked up top the playlist. Here I am linking my SoundCloud, which only contains one playlist called ‘I like it’

If you have spotify accounts link them below or any good songs leave them in the comments anyway have a good week because I am posting this on a Sunday. School is a dangerous place to keep safe and have many internet friends




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