Book Review #35: Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart — Reviews, Discussion ...Hello Liars,

We finally have another book review. It’s been a long time and I needed to return to the roots of my blog. So today I am going to be reviewing another amazing novel by E. Lockhart called Genuine Fraud. If you didn’t know E. Lockhart novel is what inspired my blog name, that novel was We Were Liars. If you haven’t read that book I would highly recommend it.

What a brain twister! Genuine Fraud just like We Were Liars, is a novel that makes you think of the words on the page. How the horizontal links with the vertical. You can’t glance or mindlessly read this book, or you will not understand the story. It’s meant to make you think. Genuine Fraud is a well-told story, it’s an absolutely gripping novel full of surprises from the start to the end.

The book is about two girls who have grown up very differently. Jule West Williams is a young girl who comes from Alabama. She has been raised by her aunt “in a home that is not a home”. Jule is Stamford drop-out and a gym alcoholic. Imogen Sokoloff is an orphan who as raised by a rich Jewish family. She knows she is beautiful and rich which she uses to make people her puppets or supposed “friends”. Imogen and Jule went to the same high school for a few years until Jule was kicked out. The girl’s lives are merged together when they met on getaway trips. Who is Who?

“An intense friendship. A disappearance. A murder, or maybe two. A bad romance, or maybe three”- Genuine Fraud

The book is told in the third person. This third person is what E. Lockhart uses to craft and weave Imogen and Jule together. Every time you think you have fingered out who the third person is talking about something is thrown in to confuse you again. The book is confusing and it’s the point. I wouldn’t say there is a start and finish because the story starts in the middle of the drama. The best to describe Genuine Fraud is someone getting the original copy and mixing up the pages and calling that the original.

Personally, I enjoyed having to think about how this events to link what I have just read. I would not read this book before going to bed because you will spend the whole night thinking about it. E. Lockhart has written a wonderful thriller novel. It really is amazing. This is not your classic “someone has got murdered who did it”. While reading the book, I really thought that the third person was the one who had committed the murder and was trying to blame it on the girls. If you read it properly I think you will be able to know who was murdered and how. It took me 3 weeks to finish Genuine Fraud and I normally read books in 2 weeks. It’s worth the time though if you want to enjoy the story. I found myself rereading a lot of pages because you can’t move on without half understanding because you will not get the next pages; it’s how it works. The reason why people would give this a negative review, is at times it is very “confusing”, and I feel like that is the wrong word because it’s not. Genuine Fraud requires thought and not a glance. It’s not an easy read. It’s not a book that you read quickly to get of rid some of the weight on your Goodreads challenge. Which to mention I am 28 books behind on my 40-book challenge; mainly my fault for not logging any of my books on Goodreads and spending summer watching Call the Midwife instead of reading.

While reading the novel, I hated both characters because I felt that none of them was content with what they have got. I especially disliked Imogen Sokoloff, she was presented as a spoiled brat. E. Lockhart gradually develops the two main characters. Imogen for me started off sweet and cute which contrasts in the end because she is a mean rich pretty girl. Jule for me also started off as a girl with problems and some sort of agent and in the end, for me, she turned into a “stacker” and someone confused with identity.

When, where would I read Genuine Fraud. It’s definitely a Halloween read, thinking about it now the idea of the story is quite scary. Start reading this book in your bed just read a chapter because you need to think about it. Because the book itself is a puzzle like We Were Liars or S.T.A.G.S

Genuine Fraud is a clever book. It’s well written. Genuine Fraud doesn’t seem to have any underlying messages; the point of the plot is supposed to be a murder mystery you solve yourself with the clues given to you by E.Lockhart and the answer to be revealed at the end.

I hope my review urges you to want to read Genuine Fraud and if you don’t feel like reading such a brain twister yet I have left some book below which I think you will enjoy.

Happy Reading!

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