ok… soo i back

Hi liars,

Happy new year, Merry Christmas ( it’s never too late to say this). I know i haven’t been consistent but I guess I just post when I want because it’s my little space on the internet. I am sorry, hopefully, you have missed me probably not.

Ok so I officially have given up on Tumblr because I made a new account and I can’t get into it which is great so I am really sorry but yeah. I guess I to aesthetic for Tumblr haha. But just because Tumblr gave up on me does not mean I gave up on the internet I found something else to do… Pinterest. I am on a full grind, pinning everywhere and anywhere, slowly tidying up my boards as I go because I have had that Pinterest account for too long before you have sub-boards. OG member right here.

Also, my internet has been absolutely rubbish for months now because TalkTalk thinks that making the route break six months before the contract runs out will make us get another contract. No. My internet is so bad that I had to move my laptop downstairs and physically connect to the internet, which means no more late night movie sessions I actually have to go to bed. With my great Wifi, I have had to use more of my data which 3GB so for the past few months I have been running low or running out a week before I get a new set. Anyway on February the 8th we are switching to BT it would have Virgin but virgin doesn’t have lines in my area (yet).

Art-wise I feel like I can’t draw anything but I am still drawing because I think its just a phrase. Netflix has been mine new best friends I am currently watching call the midwife, That 70s show, Riverdale, Something in the rain and Oh my venus. I have basically binged watch Call the Midwife I am halfway through season 3. Recently on Netflix, they added my childhood favourite movie About a boy I had the movie on VHS. If you haven’t watched it go get yourself some tea preferably herbal and watch it.

Anyway good night my loves



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