the beginning of the end of year 10.

hi guys,

As you know I am in year 10, the last year of fooling around before GCSEs. Well, I have to stop fooling around and start studying now; which is proving a challenge because I don’t know how and I don’t know when. Generally, I am busy after school most days or I am just very drained emotionally and physically. I do alot of hardcore thinking in alot of my lessons which I don’t know why but I do. Which isn’t doing me any good because it just increases my stress levels.

In three weeks or so the year 11s will be doing their GCSEs and next week there is a language exam. I have in a few weeks time a Maths mock which I want to start revising for I just don’t know when. But I was thinking of staying after school on the days I have a music centre group and just studying. Last Maths mock I didn’t do very well, partly because I got very nervous. Honestly, I want to do more studying but it’s just my friendship group is really split and I don’t go on the group chat alot so I miss alot, so if I start spending less time I will just never get what is going on. Also, the only place where I can study is the Library but at lunch, it is just another social area.

I have been reading just not alot for my pleasure. For example, in the Easter holidays, I read Inspector Goole again for English and then I re-read Looking for Alaska because I love a good John Green book. I have been drawing alot and crocheting and writing in my journal which I am really proud of.

What Have Been Watching On Netflix?

I have not had alot of opportunities to watch movies, I really want to watch a Studio Ghibli Film or a good indie film, which I recommend Amazon Prime video for indie films and French films. But I have been watching friends I am on season 3 and That 70s Show I am on season 4. Recently I finished a k-drama called Oh My Venus which was just a romance which never happens. Netflix released a movie called The Perfect Date which I watched for the cringe of teenage romance. Just to remind me how single I am *throws a peace sign*

On Spotify, I have been listening to alot of Japanese city pop and classical music. Just in case you didn’t know I play oboe and alto saxophone on a very serious level. I go to a junior conservator eg. JRCM or JRNCM or JRA( there is plenty more).  So I have a love for music so listening to classical music is really good for your playing. Normally I just listen to Joe Hisashi who does most of studio Ghibli OSTs but over easter, I listened to Madeline Dring which I highly recommend. She does alot of intimate pieces and an oboe player some of the songs I want to play are by her. For Jazz, listening to Japanee 70s/80s or just type in city pop. The improvisations on some of these tracks are amazing; I would give names how do you copy Japanese?

For Youtube, I got into a David Dobrick again. But I discovered a channel called TwoSetViolin which is a duo who play the classical violin so they just review the musical memes and doing funny musical skits.

I really typed alot, I know I don’t post often but I hope when I do it is actually interesting.Anyway enough for me



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