Indie Playlist 2.0

Hi liars, Recently I finished making my indie playlist 2.0. A few posts ago I posted my indie playlist, which was alot of songs from that playlist. Each playlist consists of 100 songs indie tunes. I like to separate my indie tunes from my kpop, Jazz, Classical tunes. So now I am making my Indie … Continue reading Indie Playlist 2.0


Hello Liars, It is the eve before I turn 5teen. I completed the bucket list a few days ago, it kept me very busy and get my mind off the school year coming. Yesterday our timetables came out and my friends are only in my maths. Which for me, it means either I am going … Continue reading Thoughts…

BTS Wallpapers

Hi Liars, I made these iPhone wallpapers. I hope you like them comment down your favourite bts song RULES Do this on my Tumblr which is the link above. reblog if you save/use, please!! open them to get a full hd lockscreen do NOT edit or remove logo!! Copyright to the rightful owners   

Blogmas day 18

Hello Liars, I don't know if you know but a member of SHINee has died. I currently don't have any wallpapers of SHINee. But for a tribute to the member, i was going to do some. here are some links to articles. If I am honest this a shock, I probably would have not heard … Continue reading Blogmas day 18