BTS Wallpapers

Hi Liars, I made these iPhone wallpapers. I hope you like them comment down your favourite bts song RULES Do this on my Tumblr which is the link above. reblog if you save/use, please!! open them to get a full hd lockscreen do NOT edit or remove logo!! Copyright to the rightful owners   

Blogmas Day 20

Hello Liars, Here is another set of kpop wallpapers, but this time it is EXO. If you don't know I make wallpapers on Tumblr for many fandoms. In different styles.   Click the image for the link to the wallpapers. Hopefully, you like the wallpapers. reblog if you save/use please!! open them to get a full hd … Continue reading Blogmas Day 20

My Photography from Wales

Hi liars, Today I am going to be showing you guys some of my photography.This photography is from my weekend away in Wales. If you guys want to see more of my photography. The Instagram account is @sleepy_camera. They are the originals not the ones with the filtering