Hello there,

Ever since my blog has been listed on The Book Blog site I have been having a lot of emails from authors asking for me to review their book.I mainly say yes but I really am not a fan of reading on an ebook so if you can afford to ship the UK please do it because I am a bookstagramer as well so you will get featured on there as well.

Also, I am now having to do a waiting list thing.So I read the books to who asked me first.I read my books on iBook so please send me formats for iBook only not kindle yet!

Furthermore, I will ask you to answer a set of 22 questions as an interview so please answer them in the word attachment than the email.

I doing most of the reading for reviews in the holidays so you might ask me for a review and it might come a weeks after that is because I have no had time to read your book.I am just a 13-year-old girl running a book blog on my own.

I post reviews on Goodreads and on my blog.I do have a facebook page called 4TeenReaders so share your support on there letting me know who you think.

If your book is like the genre I read send me an email but do not send me any NEW ADULTS.

Put as much information about yourself in his form because I need to know as much as about you and your book.Also if you do not answer emails in 3 days I will not be reviewing your book.

All The Best