Top 17 Books Of 2017

Hello liars, Christmas has finished now everyone is thinking about New year. New year new you.The lie we tell ourselves thinking that everyone will forget last year's scandals. Oh, the human race. I don't know how I can recover from that sentence but oh well. I am today going to list my 17 favourite books from … Continue reading Top 17 Books Of 2017


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Guys Sorry I missed the last few days I got really really sick. I just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and probably a happy New Year because if I don't recover I probably will not post. I will try and do a haul for tomorrow since it is Boxing Day. Merry … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Blogmas day 18

Hello Liars, I don't know if you know but a member of SHINee has died. I currently don't have any wallpapers of SHINee. But for a tribute to the member, i was going to do some. here are some links to articles. If I am honest this a shock, I probably would have not heard … Continue reading Blogmas day 18

Blogmas Day 16

Hi Liars, Today is going to be my thoughts on EXO's new cafe videos SM Town are releasing I like them. I think it is really aesthetically pleasing. The coffee and the colour schemes work together the cool tones. At the moment only Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and someone else that I can't remember off the … Continue reading Blogmas Day 16

Blogmas Day 12

Hello Liars, Today is day 12 and I am going to basically list all the books I would get someone for Christmas.It is mainly going to be a picture list. To save money check the prices everywhere. But I personally order from Amazon. Mental Health I,GIRL, X BIRD ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES reading Blogmas Day 12